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CLICK HERE For All Active Listings, Pending Sales, Closed Transactions and Homes That Left the Market Without Selling, Over The Last 180 Days.

Once You Click The Link, Use The Map Legend Below:
Blue – SOLD Listings.
Green – ACTIVE on the market and available for sale.
Yellow – PENDING – Under contract and a closing transaction is pending.
Red – EXPIRED – Left the market without selling. Contract with agent expired.
Black/Dark Grey – WITHDRAWN – Left the market without selling. Listing withdrawn from the market. 

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Homestead Exemption Information

We’re finding that around 30 to 40% of homeowners eligible for a Homestead Exemption have not filed for it. I recently had someone tell me that they thought that if you forgot to file it the year after you purchased your home, then that’s it, you can’t file it. That is NOT true. You can file any time. Not filing for a Homestead Exemption is costing people a couple hundred dollars per year in property taxes just because they forgot to file. 

Not sure if you have the exemption? Use the link directly below to check.  Click the link directly below to search for your address. Once you’ve entered your address, your name and address should pop up. Toward the left side of the screen you should see a 6 digit number. Click that number and the main info then pops up. Next, look in the EXEMPTIONS field. If it says Y, you have an exemption in place. If you see an N, you do not.

County Tax Records Search Page

If you have no homestead exemption in place, click the following link to learn how to proceed. 

How To File Your Homestead Exemption

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