FSBO Open House Details

Why would you want to do an open house for a FSBO? 

I don’t do them for just any ol’ FSBO. I only do them

1) For the FSBO’s that are in my specific farm area, and

2) When I don’t have any listings of my own with which to do an open house because my listings are already sold, under contract or I’ve done an open house there recently.

I’m a realtor. We work weekends. If I don’t have an open house to do over the weekend, I’m not doing my job. Additionally, only ONE buyer can buy your home. If I meet 5 potential buyers at an open house and one buys your home, I still have 4 additional opportunities to gain clients.

What do I, the seller, get out of it?

Open houses can be a pain. Why not let someone else do it? Especially if they’re a local, experienced agent who’s in the market every day and offering to do it for free!?!?! 🙂 You’ll get an area expert trying to sell your home. We’re going to have 12+ signs out the morning of the open house. We’re going to bring more traffic and attention to the open house than a typical seller is able to do.

But the number one most important thing that we will do is be able to provide to you, assuming we don’t have an offer to present to you at the end of it,  feedback from buyers that you’re likely not getting. People are, in general, nice and kind. They are not likely to tell a homeowner what they don’t like about their house or how the owner may improve it. It makes them uncomfortable. They’re more likely to say some generic response about why they won’t be moving forward with your home. They think they’re being nice, and they are, but they’re not being helpful.  Trust me, those same people are WAY MORE than willing to tell ME everything they feel about the house. I can then convey that information to YOU and you can use that information to better market your home going forward. 

Let’s face some facts. We’re in one of the best seller’s markets seen in recent history. If your house has been on the market for more than a few of weeks without one offer, something is likely an issue. If you know what it is, good for you. If you don’t, I can help you identify that issue so that you can then make some decisions to better market your home and get it sold. 

What’s the catch?

Seriously, there’s no catch. It’s just an extra opportunity for you as you attempt to find the one qualified buyer willing to pay more for your home than anyone else. I’m not promising miracles. Just promising a nice, professional open house. I handle everything. I show up on the day of the open house at the time I say I’ll show up. I run the open house until the end time. When you come home, I will provide you any offers I’ve received for your home or any constructive feedback that I’ve received about your home. If you’re not coming home until later, I will will ensure all doors are locked and all lights are off and I will text you when I’m leaving letting you know that doors are locked and lights are off. 

If you’re worried about theft or scamming, google me. I’m a licensed realtor in the state of GA with zero complaints ever and I work for the largest residential real estate brokerage in the world, also ranked number 1 in the world for sales training. Yes, number one. In front of IBM. Google it.

First, I would never steal or scam anyone, EVER. Add to that the fact that stealing or scamming would cost me my license, my brokerage and my ability to feed my wife and three kids, and hopefully I can gain your trust in that aspect. 

Working with me does NOT hinder you from working with another brokerage/agent at any time. You’re not committing anything to me other than giving me permission to market your home via an open house on the one specific day in question, in order to try to obtain a qualified buyer. That’s it. You can list your home with your best friend the very next day. 

Here is a copy of the paperwork I would need you to sign in order to perform the open house. Feel free to read it over at your convenience and ask me any questions you may have.

Authorization To Show Unlisted Property

All I ask from you is that you clean and reasonably declutter the house prior to the open house starting. That’s really it. If you want to go all out, here’s a checklist. 

Preparing For Showings Checklist

But just clean and decluttered is good enough for me. 

Also, if we’re doing this, please let me know ASAP. In a perfect world, I want to be able to start my marketing efforts on the Wednesday before the Sunday of the open house. This allows me to get maximum exposure for the open house.


Call any time if we may help in any way.

Call any time if we may help in any way.


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