Preparing For Showings Checklist

Showing request received!!! A buyer wants to see the property in 2 hours!!! Oh my!!! What do we do?!?!?!?! Here’s what you need to do to GET RESULTS!


Every showing you have should be scheduled well in advance. If anyone shows up at your house unannounced, whether they’re a buyer or a Realtor, if they do not have a scheduled appointment, simply reply with something like, “I’m so glad you’re interested in our home, but we don’t have a scheduled appointment and my agent told me I’m not supposed to allow anyone to see the home without an appointment that’s been pre-approved.” If they’re serious, they’ll schedule an appointment and come back the next day.

Valuables & Weapons

99.999% of the people who enter your home are good, honest people. Unfortunately, there is a small number of individuals who will steal if given the opportunity. Don’t give them the opportunity. Stash small valuable items away in hard to find places, or, even better, store them somewhere off site. Jewelry and cash are the obvious items. Small collectibles and weapons are others. You have a Honus Wagner baseball card? A lock of Elvis’ hair? A .40 Glock? Stash them away or take them offsite.


Sadly, there are a lot of people addicted to prescription drugs; especially painkillers. If you have these in your house, stash them somewhere where no one would look. Do not keep them in a bathroom medicine cabinet, the master bedroom, your home office or the kitchen. This is where addicts will look. The bottom rear of a china cabinet might be a good spot. No one would think to look in there and it’s in a more public area where other people are more likely to be in view.

Personal Info

Again, 99.9999% of the people looking at houses are good people but you should take some basic actions to protect yourself. Bills, invoices, credit card statements, anything with your social security number or any other personal information on it should be removed from view.

Other Hazards

Idiot-proof your house. Do everything in your power to ensure a prospective buyer is not in any danger. Weapons hidden, we mentioned above. Make sure all pets are secured at all times. Remove any debris or tripping items from driveway.

Mini mop ups

Sweep the kitchen, bathroom, and entry way. If needed, use a cleaning towel or sponge to clean any spots or debris.

Dust the furniture

A quick wipe down of the furniture, TV screens, and computer monitors can help make each room shine. It will make your life easier if you spend 15 minutes doing this every other day in the evenings before you go to bed. Then it’s done and you don’t have to worry about it.

Clean off counters

All counters should be clean and clear. Remove clutter as well – small appliances, knick knacks, and odds and ends should be stored away in cabinets and closets.

Beds made

All the beds in the home should be made. If your bed spreads are faded, dated, torn, or ripped consider updating them with brand new covers.

Garbage cans empty

All garbage cans should be empty. Also wash them out once a week and give them a quick spay of disinfectant to cut down odors.

Carpets vacuumed

Give the carpets a quick once-over to fluff them up. Focus your efforts on the entry and living room and then do other rooms if you have time. Maybe consider investing in an extra sweeper. One for each of the two main floors, so you can get this done quickly when needed.

Load the dishwasher

Clear the dishes off the counters by loading the dishwasher but don’t start the cycle if it will be running during the showing.

Load the washer and dryer

Clothes should be picked up and either placed in a hamper or loaded into the washer or dryer. Again don’t start the cycle if it will be running during the showing.

Pick up every room

Work backward from the entry point of the home to the furthest bedroom picking up everything up off the floors and counter surfaces.

Lights on

A dark home is a boring home. Turn on all the lights, and open drapes and blinds to brighten it up. Also, be sure your windows are clean.

Yes, I know that’s a lot to do in an hour, but all good things come to those who work hard. If you have kids, get them to pitch in. Threats of violence are great motivators. 🙂 Or, even more motivating, threaten to change the wi-fi password and not tell them what it is. [evil grin] Also don’t be afraid to pick your battles. If you can’t do everything, just do the best you can. 


Call any time if we may help in any way.

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