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Brandon and Cristina Kenney 
Past Client (Seller and Buyer)
South Forsyth Seller – Lake Buyer.
The Kenneys wanted to find their dream home on Lake Lanier and then list and sell their house in S. Forsyth. We found their dream home on Sinclair Shores and negotiated a great deal for them. The Kenneys wanted the house badly and then entrusted me to get their existing home sold in a timely manner at a price that was fair to them. Done and done! 🙂 

Ken and Jill Bowen 
Past Client (Seller and Buyer)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
Mr. and Mrs. Bowen hired us to sell their home so they could downsize and live on the lake. The backyard of the home they were selling proved to be a stumbling block for a lot of buyers. We stopped at nothing to get their home sold for them, and we got it sold to their 100% satisfaction. For several months thereafter, we scoured Lake Lanier until we found the perfect lake home for them. They’re living there now and enjoying visits with the grandbabies.

Todd and Alicia Ellis 
Past Client – Seller
Licensed commercial agent hires me to help him find his dream home. 
The Ellises wanted to live in a very specific neighborhood. With Todd being a licensed agent, he was trying to do everything himself and lost out on a couple of properties he wanted. I shared with Todd the benefits he would receive working with me, an agent who specializes in residential properties in the area in which they want to live. I used my knowledge of the neighborhood and my contacts to come up with multiple properties that owners were willing to sell but were not actively on the market. Todd and Alicia eventually found the right house in the neighborhood in which they wanted. We got them a great deal and they were thrilled. 

Ryan and Elizabeth Fols 
Past Client (Buyer and Seller)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
The Folses wanted to move their growing Forsyth county family to a home with a basement. They listed their home with another agent. It didn’t sell. They then hired me. I had it under contract within a couple of weeks and they now live in the basement-home they’ve been wanting.

Tom and Julie McLendon 
Past Client (Buyer and Seller)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
The McLendons were ready to downsize their Alpharetta home and move up to the country. They listed it with another agent. It did not sell. They hired me to sell it. I told them exactly what to do to get the home in the best sale-able position while spending the least amount of money. House sold and they now live up in the country with their dog and some goats and chickens. 🙂

Norma and Michael Cullen 
Past Client (Seller)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
House was listed with another agent. The kids had moved out and they were ready to downsize so they called me and put me to work. Under contract within 30 days. Battled through some tough items through due diligence. Got the job done!!!

Jacqueline Schafer 
Past Client (Seller)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
Jacqueline wanted to move closer to her daughter in another state. House has expired off the market with another agent. It took some convincing but Ms. Schafer eventually hired me as her next agent. I stopped at nothing to get her home sold and I got the job done. ‘Cuz that’s what I do. I get stuff done! 🙂

Susan Klein 
Past Client (Buyer and Seller)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
After another agent failed to get Susan’s home sold, she interviewed 5 agents and chose me. I advised Susan on exactly what to do to get her home in the best marketable position based on her personal budget. She did those things and we were under contract within a couple of weeks. Also, Susan was unable to find a home, that was listed for sale, that fit her needs, so I went door to door in her preferred neighborhood asking people if they were open to selling their home. I found a seller with a home that was perfect, and Susan closed on that property the same day she sold her previous property.

Jeffrey Wheelis 
Past Client (Seller – Tenant Occupied)
Home expired under another agent; sold by The Results Team.
Jeff no longer lived locally and he had rented the property for the last couple of years, since the previous agent could not get it sold. He entrusted me to get the home sold and handle everything he couldn’t because he lived out of town. I coordinated everything with his tenants, we got the home under contract quickly at a price higher than Jeff thought we could get, we got it closed and Jeff didn’t even have to attend closing. The attorney wired him his funds.

Sharon Moffatt 
Past Client (Seller)
Sharon took our advice and did as much as she could to get her home ready for the market. Massive marketing and top of the line professional photography, drone photography and videography had us a full price offer in one day. We worked through all of the contingencies, closed on the day we said we’d close, and Sharon is now living in the great state of Kentucky enjoying her grand-kids on a daily basis and replied “YES!!!!” when I asked her if it would be OK for me to add her to my references page. 🙂

Ron and Jessica Pavley  
Past Client (Buyer and Seller)
Ron and Jessica were set on selling by owner. I presented to them, in person, how they would NET more money using an aggressive, assertive agent like myself. They hired me. We had their home under contract in 12 days and they netted more money than they would have any other way, FSBO or not.

Tim and Amy Crain 
Past Client (Seller)
Tim and Amy had already purchased a property out of town. They needed an agent who would be honest with them and help them get the property sold for the highest price possible in the time constraints provided. They used my contractor references for painting, electrical and plumbing and had the house looking incredible. We had the property under contract within a couple of weeks and worked tirelessly through a very difficult contract process to get it done to Tim and Amy’s 100% satisfaction.

Jack and Maureen Smid 
Past Client (Seller)
Jack and Maureen wanted to move out of state to be near grandbabies. They had a house being built out of state and didn’t want to move twice. We met month’s before their listing went live. I gave them advice on what to do to maximize the home’s sales price while working within their budget and they did exactly what I asked. Then we put the home on the market, had 3 showings the first day, and a full price offer the next day. We negotiated for them to stay in their home for about a month after closing so that they could make one move to their new home once it was complete.

Josh and Jenna Chapman 
Past Client (Seller)
The Chapman’s were moving out of town for business and did not want to move until school was out, but didn’t want the house on the market for too long after that. We found the perfect buyer and closed on the exact day they said would be their ideal day to move, 6/10/16.

Brad and Audrey Thorson 
Past Client (Seller)
Under contract above asking price within days. Inspection revealed the house needed a brand new roof and a significant amount of additional work. Buyer bailed on contract. We found a new buyer, only days later, with cash, who bought it for a price that netted the Thorsons the same amount of money had they done the work necessary to put it back on the market. Closed in three weeks. We had Thrilled Thorsons. 🙂

Josh and Alexandra Shupe 
Past Client (Seller)
Josh and Alex hadn’t owned their home for a full year but needed to move out of state. We had an initial meeting where I advised them about what to do and not do to sell their house and not lose money. They did exactly what I asked of them. Their home was under contract in under 10 days. They are now happy and enjoying the Florida beaches. And, added bonus, Alexandra was so happy with the service I provided her that she has decided to become a Keller Williams Realtor herself. So, if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Melbourne, FL area, give her a call. She is PHENOMENAL!!

Lanny and Carly Fenster 
Past Client (Seller)
This was a house on Lake Lanier. We applied our massive marketing process and stuck to it until we found the one buyer willing to pay more for the property than anyone else. Having three interested parties at the same time allowed us to negotiate from a position of strength and the Fensters walked away from the closing table with a big check and a smile on their faces. 

Luke and Denice Nicolaides 
Past Client (Seller)
We’ll just go ahead and admit that this was a no-brainer. The Nicolaides’ home of 15+ years was better than new and they challenged us to sell it for $10,000 more than we thought it might. So we went to work. We gave them some tips to put the final polishing touches on the home and then provided the best marketing possible and negotiated for them a sale for full asking price.

Michael Breed 
Past Client (Buyer)
I sold Michael’s daughter’s house about 6 months before we started working together. His daughter thought we did an amazing job for her and asked us to do the same for her father. We found the perfect property for him in Johns Creek. Great price on a property in impeccable condition. 

Bert Duplechien 
Past Client – Lake Seller
Lake seller with an interesting situation.
House had expired under at least one other agent. I was hired and worked my tail off and, sure enough, we found a buyer and we were in a binding contract…..when suddenly, a massive tree fell on the house causing a LOT of damage. That was late summer 2017. Since then, I have helped seller with contractors and advised them on what to do to maximize the sales price of the home. They will be hiring me in the summer of 2018 to get it sold and, with a brand new kitchen, he’s going to make a LOT more money than he was going to make last year. 

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